Ace Stream FAQ

Why did you decide to start using Ace Stream?

In short, it has to do with Ace Stream lacking recurring costs. Also, it’s light on the Internet Service Provider when compared to streaming services which are centralized (e.g. Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Youtube).

It works by making a torrent, and a hash that links to it that, when put into Ace Stream’s player, can play a stream after the cache fills up.  And can even be used to watch a torrent without needing to download a file.

Where do I get Ace Stream?

Firstly, there are third-parties offering the software, but I’d advise picking them up from the official channels (either their official website or the Google Play store for Android) since there are third-parties that offer adware/malware in their distributions.  Then again you should be acquiring freeware from the author’s website wherever possible.

For PC, there’s a Windows binary that can be downloaded.  There’s also a distribution for Ubuntu (64-bit only), but it’s notoriously to install.

To that end, I advise you to read either of these two instructions about installing AceStream onto Ubuntu.

With those two existing, I can say that Acestream for Ubuntu is difficult to set up.

There’s also an Android distribution available for mobile phones and smart (network-connected) TVs/Set-Top boxes.

Also core versions of the Android release are available for phones and TVs.

So, if there's one for Windows and Linux PCs along with Android, Where's one for iOS?

Due to the extremely greedy and restrictive nature of Apple Technologies, an iOS version of Ace Stream is not offered by the Ace Stream’s development team.

Being honest, there’s so many things Apple does that are hostile to the consumer (and even Open-Source software developers in certain cases) that I’d prefer using Android anyway.

Windows/Ubuntu usage instructions

The PC distribution contains it’s own version of VLC media player that’s specifically made to work alongside Acestream.

  1. Firstly, copy the hash of the stream you want (For those confused, you’re looking for this bit).
  2. Find the application “Ace Player” and open it.
  3. You should be met with a player application soon after opening it.
  4. Open up the “Media” menu, then click “Acestream Content ID”.
  5. It should bring up a open dialogue that looks like this.  Paste the hash of the stream you want in the text box.
  6. Click on play.  The cache should start filling up with that torrent, then start playing once full.
Android usage instructions

Android usage is somewhat similar, but there’s no media player that it depends on.  You can use “photos” to play back video if you have no media player, else you can go on to Google Play to find another media player to use if you don’t feel like watching with “photos” or a stream’s giving you issues with “photos”.

  1. Copy the hash of the stream you want to to your clipboard.
  2. After launching “Ace Stream”, press the 3 dots in the top-right corner to spawn the program’s menu. (no you don’t need to sign up or log in to use it, unless you are looking to buy advertisement removal, which only benefits Ace Stream’s developers)
  3. Click/touch “Enter Content ID“.  It’ll spawn a menu with a text input box asking for a hash.
  4. Click/touch “OK” once you’ve entered the stream’s hash.
  5. After that, it should launch your preferred media player to start playing the stream, else your Android device will give you a menu like this to pick an app, if you have more than one.
I'm having stability issues or I'm buffering constantly. Some help here?

Have you tried these?

Universal PnP/Port Forwarding

For a virtually seamless experience with Ace Stream, you need to be sure that the port you want to use is opened, else you’ll manually need to open the port up yourself.  This is defaulted to 8621 to your internal IP address (192.168.x.x), the number may be the same, unless you’ve changed the port number.

Due to the variety of routers and their settings, I can’t go further in-depth, however Port Foward has some pretty useful instructions on opening ports for most of the common router types and brands on the market.

Why bother opening ports?

Because of the way Ace Stream (and generally Bittorrent) works, peers will choose not to send you the stream if others with open ports are requesting the stream as well, and there is not enough capacity. Your connection to others is ‘throttled’ and you aren’t participating in the swarm that makes Ace Stream work properly. If you have enough bandwidth, but are getting ‘buffering’ pauses, and don’t have UPnP or port forwarding enabled, this is likely the case.



Ace Stream will store a cache of what you watch, which can enlarge the more you watch (It has to store the data from the torrent somewhere), unless you set a specific cache size.

There are two ways to wipe the cache.

Otherwise you can try

  • going into your installation drive’s “_acestream_cache_” folder (usually located at the drive’s root directory) and deleting the “live” folder.
Using a Chromecast with Ace Stream

Chromecast devices can be used together with Ace Stream torrent, by pressing “Stream” instead of “Play” when using Ace Player on a PC.  Android devices will have to just cast your screen, unless there’s a better solution that I don’t know of.

Audio Synchronization Issues

VLC Media Player has a sync adjust function that can delay the audio to match the video by pressing the “J” or “K” keys to adjust by the millisecond.  As the PC software “Ace Player” is based on VLC, this feature exists in “Ace Player”.