Privacy Policy

Any intelligence agency can use the info posted on here or third party websites can be used for any purpose, legal or nefarious.  Regardless, legal people seem to be paranoid and not understand simple English, so the following is necessary.

  • Information sharing: Third parties may use the information that’s provided here for any purpose, such as analytics or detecting attempts at rigging/gerrymandering polls held.  These measures might involve sharing data with other services or comparisons to other data, There is some sale of data that might occur due to third parties that obtain said information.
  • Data: Data on users may be given up when required.  There’s no data you can input here, but we’ll be sure to not hand over the data when not necessary, and won’t easily give.  There has been no data demands, as of yet.
  • Cookies: Third parties that this site references might place cookies on your browser.  This is done to collect anonymous usage data (for example, Google Analytics) or to service requests for, or posting of information (for example, remembering your account, or posting a comment)